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  • bulk data export of Search Console data to BigQuery

    What is bulk export of GSC data to BigQuery? Announced in February 2023, this bulk data export feature allows you to export data from Google Search Console (GSC) to Google BigQuery on an ongoing basis. The bulk data export is not affected by the daily data row limit, meaning you can get the biggest amount …

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  • Actionable tips to improve E-A-T/ E-E-A-T for your website

    “E. A. T“ (Expertise – Authoritativeness – Trustworthiness) was first mentioned in 2014 when Google added it to their Search Quality Rater (SQR) Guidelines which provide instructions to their “Quality Evaluators” on how to rate the quality of websites. In December 2022, Google updated the guidelines to include an extra “E” for “experience” making the …

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  • Person Schema Markup

    The ❝Person❞ schema markup is useful for authors, bloggers and all those who have their personal websites or portfolios. You can add the person schema markup to make sure all your necessary information is displayed when someone searches for you through search engines. While it’s useful, some properties/attributes for the ❝Person❞ schema markup are often …

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  • 8 Shopify SEO Tips Many SEOs Like

    1. Visualize your internal linking Well, every SEO knows it’s important to optimize internal linking so I’m not gonna bore you with its definition and benefits. Instead, let’s see how we can use internal linking in a visual way to catch your visitors’ attention. Fig.1 Using tagging cloud to show relevant collections Fig.2. Using a …

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  • Keyword Classification: ChatGPT or Excel

    Why keyword classification?Let’s not focus on terminology – should it be categorization vs classification? The purpose of this post is to show some practical methods for reporting or analytics. This helps digital marketers categorize and organize large amounts of text data, such as search terms, customer reviews or social media posts to identify trends and …

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  • Crawling, Rendering and Indexing

    How do search engines work? Search engines work through the following functions: Disovery ➜ Crawling ➜ Rendering ➜ Indexing ➜ Ranking.In this short post, we’ll use plain English (really simple enough) to spell out each step with some tips that you could use to maximize your SEO results. 1. Discovering URLs Some pages are known …

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